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Shraddha in Sanskrit means “to have faith” -

to place deep trust in the unknown

We are an international community of curious students and teachers founded in 2018 with the shared mission of exploring the mind-body connection and expressing our creative selves. Our instructors are world-renowned and believe in connecting one-on-one with students in order to encourage learning and growth. 

We believe strongly that our bodies and minds are fundamentally connected, and hence we explore the boundaries of our physical bodies, develop new skills, and deepen our Shraddha in all aspects of life.



“You are the captain of your own ship and the creator of your own destiny.”
-Brielle Collins

It is Brielle’s deep curiosity and thirst for knowledge that drove her to found Shraddha and share her love for holistic and creative practices with the community. A former student of Interior Design and Art History, Brielle began practicing yoga in 2004 and has studied with international masters in Yogic, Eastern, and Indigenous traditions.


Brielle is an ERYT 800+ certified yoga teacher and continually deepens her practice in the Embodied Flow Method alongside other healing modalities. She is also certified in Pre and Post-Natal yoga, as she is passionate about empowering women mentally and physically during the journey of motherhood.


Practice Shraddha

A membership that gives you access to unlimited holistic classes, 
workshops and community events. 

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